February 14, 2012

"khayalan realiti"

assalamualaikum . . .

"action speak louder than words"

it means that action hurts more than words,
so, if u really, really mad at someone, just go and hit them without saying anything because its worth it rather than juz keep saying words that doesn't really effective actually .

but, what i want to highlight here is :
please speak out loud if you want anybody to understand ur situation or waht you feel at current period [perghh , econs] ok as
if you just keep doing that emotional highjacking thingy to people around you, you actually hurts them more than anything in this world .
its painful ok, very painful . . .

if you dun want anybody in your gravity field feel guilty because u're not telling the truth , please share ur unsatisfaction . problem solved !

eventhough im the one who didn't like to share problems with others, but im a good listener, really do .

[moOd : undefined]

February 11, 2012

"khayalan #22"

Assalamualaikum . . .

patut k buat mcm 2 . bila fikir balik, memang xpatut lansung buat mcm 2. dia bkn xptt, its juz unappropriate for someone like me . kalau situasi nie berlaku kat orang laen, aQ ase da lama da orang 2 bahagia. kot~

ap aQ merepek pg2 nie ?

da la, juz follow the flow .

[mOod : gEdix~] 

February 10, 2012

"khayalan #21"

assalamualaikum . . .

stop thinking and start doing .
but . . .
am I doing the right thing ?

[kenapa aQ xleyh nk fokus utk diri sendiri ?]
[kenapa aQ nk sibuk hal orang ?]
[kalau da tau orang lain lagi bagus, dan itu boleh melemahkan semangat kita, jangan tengok orang tu. alah, cakap pandai r, ce buat nk tengok.]
[anggap je apa aQ buat sekarang da ok. yakin dan tawakkal je.]

i actually don't know what am I doing but I hope it's the best decision to make.

[mOod : uncertain]