January 28, 2012

"khayalan #18"

Assalamualaikum . . .

kEnapa khayalan #18 ? sbb niE Entry yg k-18 n aynada xtau nk tulis tajuk ap . . haha !

Ok , blOg yg sEnantiasa sEpi tanpa Entry ini akhirnya diupdatE . . .

Hal ini dEmikian disEbabkan saya tElah DI-TAG olEh YaYa utk menjawab sOalan yg dy buat 2 . . .

hurmmm , dEmi sEorang rakan aQ yg mls tahap gunung Himalaya niE pun jawabla dgn sE=ikhlas hatinya~ [wOaaaa !]

Soalan yg dibEri ialah:

1) are you proud enough of what u have now??

yEs, but . . . nO.

2) do u always stalk the person that u like?

nO , nOt all d timE, but . . . yEs.

3) Name something you do when you're alone that you wouldn't do in front of others. 

being without others because you can only do it alone . . .

4) what is the stupidest things you have ever done?

accepting Izu Atikah as a friend becuase you get 4 mischievous items that you can never get anywhere else.

5) have u seen something really weird throughout ur life?

Yes . Izu Atikah and her 4 mischievous items.

6) are u HOT stuff kind of person... describe if yes n describe why if u ans is no...

absolutely yes because I tend to be a HOT-HEADED person as I have the stupidest thing mentioned above as my roomate.

7) do u miss anyone right now??

yes. my stupidest thing mentioned above.

8) what is the best compliment u have ever received... 

Izu Atikah : ayna keding

9) what is the meanest things anyone has said to you?

Izu Atikah :  ayna keding 

10) ocean n pool ... which one u prefer.. why??

ocean ! 
#because I can go shopping .

why ??

11) have u ever been dumped?

sumpah . NO !

now ! instant payback~
1. What do you feel when you found out you are required to answer this meme?
2. Why do you feel that way? Elaborate the above question in 80 words.
3. Imagine you are a girl. Will you fall for someone who doesn't love you back?
4. Do you treat all your female friends the same?
5. Do you wish for a serious relationship beyond friendship at the moment?
6. If you answer no in Q5, what is your main focus at the moment?
7. Imagine you are a boy. What would you do to a girl who loves you but you do not love her back?
8. Do you wish that she from Q7 will understand the situation?
9. How do you wish her from Q7 to react when she found out your actual feeling?
10. Do you wish the friendship from Q7 to never end?
11. Is everything that you wrote above sincerely true?

revenge of the fallen goes to :

1. Afif
2. Faiz
3. Afif Faiz
4. Afif Faiz Jusoh
5. AFJ
6. Kedink
7. PakCik KediNk
8. Afif KediNk
9. Sebatang Tiang Jalanan
10. whatheartsay
11. semua di atas
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